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General FAQ

1.Can I buy a Flower Arrangement?

Floral Image is a flower rental service and so our flower arrangements are not for individual sale. We deliver flowers to you with no mess, no allergies, no water wastage or maintenance and a different on-trend design to enjoy every month.

2.Can I rent flowers for my home?

Of course, if you are available to accept deliveries during our delivery hours and service areas. Please contact your local representative HERE to arrange this service.

3.How can I rent fresh flowers?

Our flowers are not real – they are lifelike, but you really can't tell or even feel the difference! Floral Image lifelike flower arrangements are mess free, water free, maintenance free, on-trend and most importantly a much more sustainable alternative to fresh flowers. We deliver a new design to your business or workplace each month, so you have fresh designs all year round. You and your customers will love them!

Your COVID-19 Questions Answered:

1.Do you sanitise the Flowers?

Absolutely! We sanitise our lifelike flower arrangements (vase, stems, petals and leaves) before every Free Trial and ongoing Monthly Refresh.

2.What procedures do you have in place to protect against infectious diseases, such as COVID-19?

As per global health and safety recommendations from the WHO (World Health Organisation), our Sales and Refresh representatives are monitoring their health, practicing social distancing and regularly washing hands, using hand sanitiser and/or wearing gloves during service.

Our lifelike flower arrangements are a low contact product and protected by our strict cleaning procedure before each Free Trial and Monthly Refresh, so you can be confident they are always delivered clean and sanitised.

3.My business/workplace is closed due to a COVID-19 lockdown, what should I do with the flowers?

If your business is temporary closed, your city is in lockdown or you would prefer to skip your next Refresh, please let us know.

You can search your local Floral Image contact details HERE

4.Should I clean the flowers while our business is temporarily closed or in lockdown?

Our lifelike flower arrangements are delivered to you freshly cleaned and sanitised. If your business is temporarily closed or in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please leave your flower arrangement/s untouched and we will return to Refresh them as soon as it is safe and legal for us to do so.

5.My business/workplace is still operating during the COVID-19 pandemic, can we still request a Free Trial?

Of course, providing it is safe and legal for us to visit your business location. Please submit a FREE TRIAL request and we will arrange a safe delivery.